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Simple Security Policy Editor

is intended to help a security administrator to keep his policy
consitent over as many machines as he likes.
(linux for now, others may follow as you like them;-))

As there is still little time to maintain this webpage, I tried to write some documentaion
which now is available here. Its included in the new version 0.2.5 of 20050216 as well.
A new page shows my hints for your installation.
Sorry, but I had no time to write something in english as my customers all are germans.
So have mercy to my plain oldfashioned pdf in german, perhaps somebody likes to translate?
Nevertheless I hope, you will enjoy sspe,
my actual version is 0.2.6, have a look here

Have fun!

Johannes Hubertz,
Cologne, Germany, Europe, Earth, somewhere spinning around.

Sorry for the bad page, but a nicer one will follow if I have some more time.